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Est. 2015 : Season 2

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Pompedia is dedicated to researching, documenting, and preserving professional cheerleader organizations. This is the work of one individual's research presented for anyone interested. I am not affiliated with any league or organization. All material contained within are owned by their respective owners.

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Featured Cheerleader

Denver Broncos Kisato Nishimura 2015 Y4.jpg

Denver Broncos Cheerleader - Kisato Nishimura

Previously featured Cheerleaders

Andrea Gutilla
Andrea Gutilla
Angelia Pannell
Angelia Pannell

Featured Squad

Oakland Raiders Squad 1979.jpg

1979 Oakland Raiders Cheerleaders

We need photos and information

Do you have any information I am missing? I would really appreciate any assistance with names or photos to fill in the missing pieces. Please consider taking the time to assist me in my efforts to recognize as many cheerleaders as we possibly can. Send your submissions here to my Email, all contact is kept confidential.